To workout or not...that is the question

Finding the "right" workout routine for you and your fitness level

6/10/20232 min read

Motivation is the key to your fitness journey. That's what my trainers tell me or even probably told you too....It's normal to have days when you lack the drive to work out, but what is "working out".

My transition from Domonic to Jamie was plagued by that specific question. What is working out? In the picture above, I was asking WHY and I had no motivation to continue. See, I am an athlete and will be one my whole entire life. I played basketball, ran track, and hit a few softballs in my day lol. So my mind is telling me I'm an athlete, I got this!! Again, my doppelganger hadn't moved intentionally in months, maybe even a year who knows at this point. I was looking in the mirror like Deborah Cox....Anyhow, my mind is telling me to get out there and conquer the gym like you know how. Well the only thing I know in the gym is go hard, then harder. "Domonic" can't do all of that, BUT I believe in I signed up for "white people shit", warning this is not intended to shaded the non-melanated population but to bring context to the story. Anyhow, I decided to climb Manitou Springs Incline.

For my people in the back whispering, Manitou Incline is over 2,000 vertical feet in less than a mile. Some sections as steep as 68% grade, yeah told you this is not a typical melanated journey. I felt like it will jump start my motivation to workout, gets the blood pumping. HA HA HA funny me!! Let me tell you, that incline kicked my behind. I was sore for the next 2 days, didn't want to move, and definitely didn't want to workout. I had simply told myself that maybe picking up weight was part of the growing older as a woman phase. You know how the Granny's comment on your hips spreading and filling out, maybe I have finally reached this point. I wasn't going into the gym, because as I told you earlier in my mind I couldn't go hard like I used to. I wish I could tell you that, I changed my mindset and got in the gym....NOPE. I continued to run from myself, avoid mirrors, and justify why and how I got to this point. Eventually I got my mind together, otherwise I could feel the downward spiral of my life. I just wasn't myself and didn't see myself.

I enjoy telling that story because it's critical to set clear and realistic goals when working on your health, physical and mental. Breaking down 'why' you want to workout and narrowing your goals down into smaller milestones helps with your motivation. Discover activities you enjoy, make your workouts fun and varied. I started to simply do 30 minute walk during my lunch, paired with 30 minutes in the gym once I got home. What works for me or someone else may or may not work for you. Surround yourself with a supportive community, whether it's checking out a Youtube or TikTok channel or simply finding a workout buddy. Remember to set your workout blueprint for you and get to it daily or weekly! With determination and consistency, you can overcome any obstacles and achieve the results you desire. Domonic is gone and Jamie is back!! :)

Embrace health is wealth!